Sunday, February 8, 2009


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so me and pat couldn't understand why the nob was in the middle...weird. for me at least, it didn't even turn, it was just for you to push. 
ok this is probably the craziest thing i saw over there. that ladies and gentlemen is a calzone...haha. yea i know, massive. wasn't the greatest but hey worth a try. 
they held a party for us. no really it was all of from the workshop that had the whole place reserved. food was hella good.
architecture is the shit! seriously, it was that amazing and i was glad sometime in my life i was able to see it in person.

so i probably should of done this along time ago, but i didn't have a blog then. so i was going through my photos on my phone, and i came across mine and pats workshop in spain. if i were to think back about it, it was a pretty dope trip. was fuckin tiring but we made it through. we basically spent like total of 2 days there haha. and like 4 hours total in barcelona. btw barcelona is freakin nice. chavie (ya-vie) haha showed us the city as fast he could, was funny actually seeing him try to take us to places... it was like, ok you see it? ok we have to go now. haha. never the less still worth seeing it regardless of the jetlag. 

the workshop itself was hella fun. i don't know how me and pat got through that one either, but i just remember blacking in/out during while pat was teaching. i probably had a harder time taking class than everyone else in that room. lol but i mean other than that the people were great, so ready to learn and so respectful too. no ego, just positive energy and happy with anything they saw....i could of taught a piece about unicorns or dragons and they still would of been focused. lol complete trust in what we were giving them and i really felt like we shut it down. spain we will come back anytime! 

btw sandra and her friends are hella funny. they don't speak english, and we don't speak haha it was a bunch of guessing game with what we were trying to say to each other. at the end of the night i remember sitting on the couch with a bunch of us there....all tired from the workshop and trying to talk. lol i swear we were so delirious that i think we were able to understand each other. ha yea i also remember making faces at one point.....but it gets kinda vague round that time, pat was hella laughing at shit though, he could barely talk. lol

anyway, i guess thats it. nuff of spain we'll be back again soon to take over!


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  1. Hello sir. Haven't seen you in a minute...then again, I haven't been around. Haven't really been dancing or anything. Only been to company practice like...twice. For the most part, just been trying to keep up with school, trying to get my portfolio established cuz its my last semester. Just wanted to give a quick "hello" and check out your blog. Looks like things are well. Anyways, hope to see you at urban paradise.