Thursday, January 29, 2009

suit up!!

lol so i've been watching "how i met ur mother" for the past week. for some reason i think its hella funny. plus it good to watch for all the traveling. anyway, life been pretty tiring lately...been waking up late cuz i've been needing the rest. haven't made any new pieces yet either....freakin whack! i guess you gotta let life and inspiration come to you, but i feel like im on the verge of something. kinda like its on the tip of my tongue but i havent quite figured out what it is yet. i'll explore a lil more and hopefully something interesting will come about. 

as far as dance is concerned, my focus is primarily to film somethings that i have in my head, and develop things for se7en. if anything im definitely excited about that. getting to work with an established creative asian artist is something im happy to start working on, i mean its not in asia either its making things pop off here in the states. looking forward to see the next steps and we'll see where things go. but im grateful to be a part of the many things to do, im tired of waiting around...time to keep it movin! 

btw if you haven't heard, i started a blogtv account. just go to www.blogtv/people/shaunevaristo

basically when im on, anyone from anywhere can talk to me and whoever im with. you can ask questions, watch, whatever. its really just meant for people that follow my work to get an inside of what the creative process is. sometimes i might be working with the company, choreographing, working with artists, or working with other people i think are dope! who know but i felt like its a new avenue for folks to get to know me.  again its i usually leave bulletins when im on so watch out for em. 
i guess in other things, i just came back from the bay. this is the pizza we had, and of course it was the shit! yea, senore's pizza. haven't had it in a while and pat threw down so....nuff said. home was fun too, practice was good, and i was even able to try the whole blogtv thing there. theres videos if you wanna peep. 
after the bay, i went home and spent sometime with the misses. ha we went to the beverly center and i ended up finding hella stuff. come on....50% off at ben sherman. yea it was legit. and i bought things that will last a lifetime. might go back actually! oh and theres no picture but....i got the base rack for mini cooper. ill put it up another time, but its hella tight. i think ima go crazy with this fix my car thing.... 
anyway, into today....i have a dining table, but i happen to watch a lot of tv when im home and i love eating on the couch, so i bought my self one of these. lol yea in know kinda funny, but whatever im using it now and its hella tight. target son!! 
other than that, im bout to eat those tasty strawberry cupcakes down a the bottom. yea aimee made em and they're filled wit real strawberry. thats right, i get to come home to some cupcakes. and shes cooking curry chicken, with rice. thats right, we can cook now bitches! well her better than me...but whatever.  
well, as more things come, you'll know. hope all is well out there to the world, till next time. peace



  1. cool stuff its me kalen , i did that one painting of you a long time ago lol . If it's ok I would like to link you to my art blog . Have always found your work and journey interesting and inspiring as well . Feel free to check out some of my stuff as well !!!

  2. hi shaun! you and aimee are too cute. i'm excited to see that you're going to be choreographing for se7en. that's sick. you're like honorary yg family :) can't wait to see the outcome~ i know it will be amazing. i'm trying to get down to la to take one of your classes (i got ucsc, but i'm from sf)! hopefully i can catch you sometime this quarter (after my midterms :sigh:). take care and stay safe!
    - jackie

  3. hey mr.
    random, but here i landed!
    so you have a mini cooper and strawberry cupcakes now, that's a fun combination :]
    will you be at WOD in LA, April? perhaps run into you. be well hey? say hello to the misses for me.