Saturday, April 18, 2009


so, in my previous post i said i would post up pix of a whole bunch of food i've eaten. traveling a lot its so interesting to see what other people eat. a lot of the time i try to order things i usually wouldn't, or people just order it and whoever is there gets down on the food. i thought this subject is blogworthy cuz i know lots of folks like eating and most of the time i never get to share this with people. so here you go....

this is eel. uhm....when i think of how an eel looks i get sick,but it actually tasted like fish to me. was good and i didn't mind trying it. i believe its baked with some type of sauce. soon as it landed on the table it was gone. lol, i had like 2 or 3 pieces....but thats huge considering i don't like trying new shit when it comes to my food.

this is basically fried chicken, fries and corn. didn't look good for you at all, but im sure american would like it. this wasn't my steez so i didn't eat it, but it looked interesting so i took a pix of it.
"the best chicken salad ever" haha yea this is what it was called. funny huh. well as skeptical as i was me and aims loved it. iono, considering all the chicken salads i've had, this was the one my taste buds really liked. lol, so best one i've had.
ok, sanchoma. the curry house next to seokyo hotel in hongdae korea. hands down the best curry i've had in my life. seriously not to be underestimated. talk to lyle beniga, aims, my bro or megan (lyle's girl). they can vouch for me when i say this. mmmmmm ask for curry rice/level 1/topping is "tak"(chicken) or shrimp..but iono how to say that in korean.  served with miso soup and usually they hook me up with a coke or sprite.

sam keh tan...totally spelled wrong. translation is ginseng chicken soup....taste like lugau(filipino food). really good too. they put a whole hen lol. yea i tried to stay with the white meat but it was really hard. 

radish soup. not my steez either but the soup was crackin.  didn't finish it but my korean friends did. haha so its all good.

sake. really good sake and i love it. this picture was the moment i decided i like sake, and the funny part is i've had it many times....but i guess this on did it for me.

ok! so on my way from rome to korea the manager hooked me up with business class. yo it was the best flight i've ever had. amazing and the food wasn't bad. definitely would love to fly like this all the time.steak/potatoes and veggies. 
salad. hmmm not the greatest but better than economy. haha

took my bro out for lunch when he was in korea with me. was ok, not the best but was cool to take cee jay to a nice place. 
salad wasn't great either. ehh.

shimp tempura, really cool presentation but lol didn't taste that great. man this restaurant loses points. hah

in rome, i taught near the shoreline. the plate was really expensive...but i didn't pay for it. lol anyway, thought it try something different. didn't look good at all, but was really tasty. probably won't be spending that much money for shrimp ever again tho. haha

this plate was 9 euros and really worth it. i didn't need chicken or beef either. the pasta was all i needed.  oh man, will definitely be doing pasta in rome again! 
i guess the last is seabass. baked with potatoes zucchini and tomatoes. was good, not the shit tho. 

i guess thats it. hopefully this made you hungry. haha until next time, more stories later. peace

shaun evaristo

Sunday, April 12, 2009


a couple pix and a brief recap of rome. it was 2 very short trips when i was there but they were really fun. the place to me is really beautiful and ugly all at the same time.... lol really though, theres graffiti everywhere, people don't really care about keeping the streets clean or their cars either. the food is great, i'll probably post up food pix later....the people speak really fast and are super impatient. i heard a lot of swearing while i was there and even learned a little bit too.  unlike the states, smoking is everywhere you go and trying to get away from it, is definitely difficult. as far as the sights go.....i don't think i've ever seen anything like it in my life. staring up at the monuments, the art, the architecture, the list goes on....its seems like the city was built to keep people in awe of the artistry. didn't matter if you were off in the alley way or some random street corner, you could never see the same thing twice. im sure the people that live there don't really give a shit either....but i know from walking around that i appreciate all the things the city had to offer. i definitely will be coming back....

my class in ostia. like 15 mins away from the city, right along the shore. got to eat fresh seafood  here and also got to see some other great talented people teach. yeya, the twins, gus bemberry, and byron. good people and chill times. in the pix below theres probably 350-400 people. good energy.

this place was my hotel in verona. i taught out here as well, and it was a really quite place. my room was interesting. one word to describe it lol i guess all the other rooms were taken. haha never the less a nice place to relax.

this is just a random statue in a walkway. a lot of attention to detail and supposedly it was done around the time of michael angelo. i wish you can see how crazy it looked up close, i probably couldn't make this even if i had a whole lifetime.

this is where the pope stays. his windows are bullet proof of course, but im sure he's never here anyway. was cool being right next to the vatican city. if you don't know that is, look it up. its crazy, a city build just for their people. they even have their own money, and its a city that is built inside of a city. rome. 

walking around st. peters square. not even this pix or my words can describe the way it looks in person. but its a dope place to look at. people wait in line for hours just to get inside. and i heard this is where a lot of people get pick pocketed. so you gotta keep and eye out. the vendors hustle a lot of there stuff around here too. 
 i don't know what this is but it looked nice. there were guards surrounding it though. their march was hella funny. and i heard that they have to stand still and can't laugh or talk to you. i wish i tried but, didn't wanna get in trouble.
and finally the collosseum. im sure i spelled that wrong. oh well im tried of typing and my butt is getting numb so ima keep writing.  uhn....what can i say, probably something i never forget. lucky enough to have seen it, and its really overwhelming when its right in front of me. 
aight guys, more posting later. peace


Saturday, April 4, 2009

its crazy to think about all the places i've been and the different food i've eaten. im probably the pickest eater i know, but little by little i open up and try new things to eat. i'll taking photos of food i eat from now on and sharing it, maybe if you are ever in the area of a place that i like you can go or if you go to another country, its somethin
g you can try. i guess this will be a warm up of more food to come. pix are at the bottom....

quick update, LA-Rome-Korea-Rome again-Korea again. lol i come home on the 19th of april but i leave the other half out there...sad. the label hired her to work and stay in korea for the next 3 months.  but i guess its ok since ill be back there every month for 2 weeks at a time. its just going to be weird come home to LA and not having her there. if anything im gonna be really happy to touch US soil and finally drive my car, use my apt, check my mail, buy new clothes, ride my bike and see my dog.  definitely not the same without aims, but im sure we'll be ok.

i've been on a slump with choreography lately, been working with artists a lot and i haven't been able to create routines for myself. i've been wanting to film a lot of things too but time has not been on my side. haven't made a piece in a few weeks now, and it usually happens this way too. probably soon i'll have flurry of pieces, or maybe i'll go through another drought haha and wait till my next wave of creativity comes. i've been hating my stuff lately too....ahhh! i have music, but nothing wants to come out. or it does, but....iono. frustrating. 

im actually doing ok. my mind has been on crazy mode just constantly thinking, sleep has been the pits cuz of time zones and planes. hotels are nice but nothing beats my apt. i am greatful for everything tho, with the times being as rough as they are, the recession...the loss of jobs or even trying to get one. my line of work is thriving and continuing to grow and i can only continue to grind hard and ride the wave as its comes. i am blessed and i am happy for the things that i already have and happy for the even greater things that are on their way. 

alright back to the food.

this is cucumber soda. its hella good, i stopped drinking soda too but this was well worth it. not only was it good but i got it after my meal over at "noodle theory." this restaurant is the shit! its in the east bay. a really dope place to go eat if you have the time. i get the ginger noodles with chicken. i'll be there when i get back to the CALI and if anyone is down to come lets go. planning to be back in the bay round the 25th, so get at me and try something new damnit!

now this was in LA. kojis bruh! my favorite crunch roll, really nothing like it!! i would go there just for that! its rolled nice and tight, not too much fish eggs, not too much sauce and the presentation looks great. along with the shabu shabu..... its a nice place. introduced to me when i was living in long beach with my cousin JR couple year back.... and till now still my favorite.
coffee man. in rome, this is definitely something you have to try. i don't drink coffee at all! but if you need to wake up....this works. lol i like how small they come, its like a shot. 

this is a rice wonton. introduced to me by aimee, and this one place right by where her parents live is a random chinese spot and its hella good. crunchy outside, soft on the inside. its in millbrae near SFO and supposedly this is the only place that sells it. at least that we know of. if you exit millbrae ave and make a right on el camino it and has a green sign in front. if you pass burger king you've gone to far and you most likely wont find wontons there. 
ok so i have more picks but at the moment you're gonna have work with this one. YG took us and the whole ent. company to dinner, and basically you sit at a table and eat appetizers that are good enough to be your food. a tomato starter, vegetables, some raw tuna, soup, and even a little sake. and as i thought we were gonna have like beef teriyaki or something the owner of the restaurant brings our table to another table. its a sushi bar and everyones lined up, so you sit and eat what they give you. haha yea and this was my first time eating authentic sushi. was a crazy experience for my that i would actually do again! i found i like tuna and anything thats close to it, i like yellow tail, salmon is ok, and slightly cooked sushi i great. octopus is not my thing and im glad i didnt do it! haha last piece of info is i found out to eat at this place it costs $200 a person. yea....i feel blessed to have eaten food this good.

till next blog. thanks for reading, if you happen to go to any of these places after reading this blog or have ur own story too, let me know. i wanna hear. peace yall.