Thursday, January 29, 2009

suit up!!

lol so i've been watching "how i met ur mother" for the past week. for some reason i think its hella funny. plus it good to watch for all the traveling. anyway, life been pretty tiring lately...been waking up late cuz i've been needing the rest. haven't made any new pieces yet either....freakin whack! i guess you gotta let life and inspiration come to you, but i feel like im on the verge of something. kinda like its on the tip of my tongue but i havent quite figured out what it is yet. i'll explore a lil more and hopefully something interesting will come about. 

as far as dance is concerned, my focus is primarily to film somethings that i have in my head, and develop things for se7en. if anything im definitely excited about that. getting to work with an established creative asian artist is something im happy to start working on, i mean its not in asia either its making things pop off here in the states. looking forward to see the next steps and we'll see where things go. but im grateful to be a part of the many things to do, im tired of waiting around...time to keep it movin! 

btw if you haven't heard, i started a blogtv account. just go to www.blogtv/people/shaunevaristo

basically when im on, anyone from anywhere can talk to me and whoever im with. you can ask questions, watch, whatever. its really just meant for people that follow my work to get an inside of what the creative process is. sometimes i might be working with the company, choreographing, working with artists, or working with other people i think are dope! who know but i felt like its a new avenue for folks to get to know me.  again its i usually leave bulletins when im on so watch out for em. 
i guess in other things, i just came back from the bay. this is the pizza we had, and of course it was the shit! yea, senore's pizza. haven't had it in a while and pat threw down so....nuff said. home was fun too, practice was good, and i was even able to try the whole blogtv thing there. theres videos if you wanna peep. 
after the bay, i went home and spent sometime with the misses. ha we went to the beverly center and i ended up finding hella stuff. come on....50% off at ben sherman. yea it was legit. and i bought things that will last a lifetime. might go back actually! oh and theres no picture but....i got the base rack for mini cooper. ill put it up another time, but its hella tight. i think ima go crazy with this fix my car thing.... 
anyway, into today....i have a dining table, but i happen to watch a lot of tv when im home and i love eating on the couch, so i bought my self one of these. lol yea in know kinda funny, but whatever im using it now and its hella tight. target son!! 
other than that, im bout to eat those tasty strawberry cupcakes down a the bottom. yea aimee made em and they're filled wit real strawberry. thats right, i get to come home to some cupcakes. and shes cooking curry chicken, with rice. thats right, we can cook now bitches! well her better than me...but whatever.  
well, as more things come, you'll know. hope all is well out there to the world, till next time. peace


Monday, January 19, 2009

day 3

so i woke up this morn and looked out my window, was actually looking across the st where the train track are. anyway, looked to my left and this popped out lol. dude i did not even realize the hotel im staying at was right next to it. pretty funny. ended walking by it too, i think its like a tv tower. 
after getting ready i went to the mall out here, i guess this is like their first mall, its huge too. usually their shops are all separate and on different streets, but now they have a place where everything is one place. i liked it too, when i come back in feb i wanna chill there a bit longer. i ended up going to jack and jones, its like h&m but different. bought a flannel cuz it was hella cheap...on sale for 8 euros. come up!
on my way over to a skate shop, i saw a bikes shop. haha this is actually the bike i originally wanted for aimee, we both have this bike but mine is silver and hers is blue. i might sell hers so i can get this one for her. if you ever want a bike, this is the one to get. i mean if ur not hella into speeding down hills and just wanna ride in the city, this is perfect. it retails at like $500 but its worth it. it folds up like half size and dahon is the first brand to make folding bikes so you know they got it down and it aint that knock off shit.
this is the company's office im working for here in berlin. its sick!! they have 5 different companies all under one roof, and they are all affiliated too. the place is huge and everyone is really organized. all working hard for the same goal. i see something like this for me soon, dont know what and how exactly but i know its gonna happen. 
last but not least, had to have sushi after class. was good, definitely not the best. just made me want better japanese food haha. but held me off for the night. aslo had a drink with vitamins that was not, next time wont do the vita drink. haha i stick to jamba or something. 
right now just watching cnn cuz its the only channel that has english. all good tho, the inauguration is coming up so im pretty updated. sorry if the post isn't so blog worthy but whatever. this is my last night here in berlin, im leaving in the morn on my way back to LA. cant wait. soon as i land im going straight to ABDC show to watch my friends, and i believe wed i have a meeting with korean artist se7en. i very excited about that and i cannot wait to see what we can get going. anyway, i'll update on that later!! peace

shaun evaristo 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

vapiano son!!

so its like 530am for me but 830pm for you, ha anyway i taught earlier today which was pretty coo. 2 back to back class 2hours each. tired. ha well, after i got to go to my favorite place to eat in berlin. you know whats funny tho, its kinda considered a fast food restaurant to people here. i think its the shit! if you ever come here go to vapiano...shit is crackin. i ordered fusili pasta, with red sauce, with chicken, basil, olives, mushrooms. yea, was hella good. i plan on going back tomorrow. anyway, along the way i got to see the berlin tower. been here many times but never really this close. i think i might go up next time i come back.
this is outside, i was so excited. its like very clean and modern inside. you have this card they give you and they put all you purchases on it, and then you pay at the end. was gross tho, they had a bowl of gummy bears chillin on the counter...was tempting but you never know what dirty hands have touch that shit. lol
this is julie denise. my good friend, and from what i hear she kinda famous out here. lol she's a dancer and shes dope too. i believe this year she coming out as an artist, think singing was her first passion anyway. hey when she comes out, oh man you already know im be workin with her for choreography. btw.....thats my food at the bottom. yea i know right! looks good.

i was watching him cook the whole time....we wait for them to make it in front of us. dude, i watch food network all the time, so i def was trying  to pick up stuff form this guy. maybe ima be dancer turned into master chef. ha 

a little late but this was the view from the club/bar the other night. the walls were all windows and its was really cool to just peep the view. 
i wish i could bring people with me to see these things, but i guess this is my way for sharing the experience with you. im sure any moment the sun is gonna start peeking thru the lobby ima head back into my cave.  peace ya'll....

shaun evaristo

back in berlin

hotel one. eating breakfast on my way to teach. important meal of the day, but right now my body is sooo fucked up from the travel. basically im eating breakfast for which would be a midnight snack in LA.  
going backwards in time, and straight from the plane i went to a dinner/club party they had for the company. was dope, dancing at the top of the building with a view that i was trippen out on.
its like a free for all, each table had one and i just went in. yea and drink were free all night. dude....thats like me drinking in the morning. so let me back track, flew from La straight to this party once i landed. time in LA was like 10am. wtf! 
this is the nice bed i got to sleep in. like the color. ha
and back to the beginning, taking van nuys fly away to the airport with my head chillin on the window. cheeya.

one day in LA, next day in berlin. crazy how in a matter of hours my whole world changes. i gonna have fun while im out here, but i do miss my home everytime i leave. but this is work so i gotta do it.....might as well have fun while doing it. thats it i gotta go, but i hope you enjoyed readin this bitch. peace from all the way on the other side of the world. 


Thursday, January 15, 2009

testing how this blog thing works some more

took this when i went out with aims, dmoe, and his friend. theres this dope ass cafe in studio city called aroma cafe, its pretty crackin. the food is good, the ambiance is like a party outside, theres a place where you can read and they've got heaters where you sit. its one of those places you gotta hear about and then go to. i suggest hitting me up first and then i'll take you. ha well on our way out, there was a random store filled with random shit and i found this rock chillin and it had "what are you waiting for on it." i thought it was dope because its kinda an oxymoron. so ended up putting it on my default for my phone and i wake up with that question. just a lil motivation for the day feel me. 

this is my new baby. haha yea i gotta pretty sweet deal and i love the car. was gonna go for a vw gti but this happen to catch my eye. wasn't expecting it either but hey now im the 5th cousin in my family to own a mini. its like italian job and shit. gotta admit tho, its hella fun! now gotta convince aims to get one. let me know if you're interested too...i ended up going to so many dealerships that i have a lot more experience on the lot now. 

i think this speaks for itself. sam flores canvas painting in downtown sf. this was at cjs going away party and as i was slightly drunk walking out the bar, i happened to look up and see this. except my version a little more blurry lol, good thing i took a picture! 

hopefully i'll be keeping this updated. im out, peace.

trying this out.

reading pats blog made me want to try this, well see if it works out. 


peep it.