Saturday, April 18, 2009


so, in my previous post i said i would post up pix of a whole bunch of food i've eaten. traveling a lot its so interesting to see what other people eat. a lot of the time i try to order things i usually wouldn't, or people just order it and whoever is there gets down on the food. i thought this subject is blogworthy cuz i know lots of folks like eating and most of the time i never get to share this with people. so here you go....

this is eel. uhm....when i think of how an eel looks i get sick,but it actually tasted like fish to me. was good and i didn't mind trying it. i believe its baked with some type of sauce. soon as it landed on the table it was gone. lol, i had like 2 or 3 pieces....but thats huge considering i don't like trying new shit when it comes to my food.

this is basically fried chicken, fries and corn. didn't look good for you at all, but im sure american would like it. this wasn't my steez so i didn't eat it, but it looked interesting so i took a pix of it.
"the best chicken salad ever" haha yea this is what it was called. funny huh. well as skeptical as i was me and aims loved it. iono, considering all the chicken salads i've had, this was the one my taste buds really liked. lol, so best one i've had.
ok, sanchoma. the curry house next to seokyo hotel in hongdae korea. hands down the best curry i've had in my life. seriously not to be underestimated. talk to lyle beniga, aims, my bro or megan (lyle's girl). they can vouch for me when i say this. mmmmmm ask for curry rice/level 1/topping is "tak"(chicken) or shrimp..but iono how to say that in korean.  served with miso soup and usually they hook me up with a coke or sprite.

sam keh tan...totally spelled wrong. translation is ginseng chicken soup....taste like lugau(filipino food). really good too. they put a whole hen lol. yea i tried to stay with the white meat but it was really hard. 

radish soup. not my steez either but the soup was crackin.  didn't finish it but my korean friends did. haha so its all good.

sake. really good sake and i love it. this picture was the moment i decided i like sake, and the funny part is i've had it many times....but i guess this on did it for me.

ok! so on my way from rome to korea the manager hooked me up with business class. yo it was the best flight i've ever had. amazing and the food wasn't bad. definitely would love to fly like this all the time.steak/potatoes and veggies. 
salad. hmmm not the greatest but better than economy. haha

took my bro out for lunch when he was in korea with me. was ok, not the best but was cool to take cee jay to a nice place. 
salad wasn't great either. ehh.

shimp tempura, really cool presentation but lol didn't taste that great. man this restaurant loses points. hah

in rome, i taught near the shoreline. the plate was really expensive...but i didn't pay for it. lol anyway, thought it try something different. didn't look good at all, but was really tasty. probably won't be spending that much money for shrimp ever again tho. haha

this plate was 9 euros and really worth it. i didn't need chicken or beef either. the pasta was all i needed.  oh man, will definitely be doing pasta in rome again! 
i guess the last is seabass. baked with potatoes zucchini and tomatoes. was good, not the shit tho. 

i guess thats it. hopefully this made you hungry. haha until next time, more stories later. peace

shaun evaristo


  1. yep you got me, i am starving

  2. Haha the pasta looked a bit freaky actually. Rome sounds like a great place, hope I get to go there someday.