Sunday, April 12, 2009


a couple pix and a brief recap of rome. it was 2 very short trips when i was there but they were really fun. the place to me is really beautiful and ugly all at the same time.... lol really though, theres graffiti everywhere, people don't really care about keeping the streets clean or their cars either. the food is great, i'll probably post up food pix later....the people speak really fast and are super impatient. i heard a lot of swearing while i was there and even learned a little bit too.  unlike the states, smoking is everywhere you go and trying to get away from it, is definitely difficult. as far as the sights go.....i don't think i've ever seen anything like it in my life. staring up at the monuments, the art, the architecture, the list goes on....its seems like the city was built to keep people in awe of the artistry. didn't matter if you were off in the alley way or some random street corner, you could never see the same thing twice. im sure the people that live there don't really give a shit either....but i know from walking around that i appreciate all the things the city had to offer. i definitely will be coming back....

my class in ostia. like 15 mins away from the city, right along the shore. got to eat fresh seafood  here and also got to see some other great talented people teach. yeya, the twins, gus bemberry, and byron. good people and chill times. in the pix below theres probably 350-400 people. good energy.

this place was my hotel in verona. i taught out here as well, and it was a really quite place. my room was interesting. one word to describe it lol i guess all the other rooms were taken. haha never the less a nice place to relax.

this is just a random statue in a walkway. a lot of attention to detail and supposedly it was done around the time of michael angelo. i wish you can see how crazy it looked up close, i probably couldn't make this even if i had a whole lifetime.

this is where the pope stays. his windows are bullet proof of course, but im sure he's never here anyway. was cool being right next to the vatican city. if you don't know that is, look it up. its crazy, a city build just for their people. they even have their own money, and its a city that is built inside of a city. rome. 

walking around st. peters square. not even this pix or my words can describe the way it looks in person. but its a dope place to look at. people wait in line for hours just to get inside. and i heard this is where a lot of people get pick pocketed. so you gotta keep and eye out. the vendors hustle a lot of there stuff around here too. 
 i don't know what this is but it looked nice. there were guards surrounding it though. their march was hella funny. and i heard that they have to stand still and can't laugh or talk to you. i wish i tried but, didn't wanna get in trouble.
and finally the collosseum. im sure i spelled that wrong. oh well im tried of typing and my butt is getting numb so ima keep writing.  uhn....what can i say, probably something i never forget. lucky enough to have seen it, and its really overwhelming when its right in front of me. 
aight guys, more posting later. peace


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