Monday, January 19, 2009

day 3

so i woke up this morn and looked out my window, was actually looking across the st where the train track are. anyway, looked to my left and this popped out lol. dude i did not even realize the hotel im staying at was right next to it. pretty funny. ended walking by it too, i think its like a tv tower. 
after getting ready i went to the mall out here, i guess this is like their first mall, its huge too. usually their shops are all separate and on different streets, but now they have a place where everything is one place. i liked it too, when i come back in feb i wanna chill there a bit longer. i ended up going to jack and jones, its like h&m but different. bought a flannel cuz it was hella cheap...on sale for 8 euros. come up!
on my way over to a skate shop, i saw a bikes shop. haha this is actually the bike i originally wanted for aimee, we both have this bike but mine is silver and hers is blue. i might sell hers so i can get this one for her. if you ever want a bike, this is the one to get. i mean if ur not hella into speeding down hills and just wanna ride in the city, this is perfect. it retails at like $500 but its worth it. it folds up like half size and dahon is the first brand to make folding bikes so you know they got it down and it aint that knock off shit.
this is the company's office im working for here in berlin. its sick!! they have 5 different companies all under one roof, and they are all affiliated too. the place is huge and everyone is really organized. all working hard for the same goal. i see something like this for me soon, dont know what and how exactly but i know its gonna happen. 
last but not least, had to have sushi after class. was good, definitely not the best. just made me want better japanese food haha. but held me off for the night. aslo had a drink with vitamins that was not, next time wont do the vita drink. haha i stick to jamba or something. 
right now just watching cnn cuz its the only channel that has english. all good tho, the inauguration is coming up so im pretty updated. sorry if the post isn't so blog worthy but whatever. this is my last night here in berlin, im leaving in the morn on my way back to LA. cant wait. soon as i land im going straight to ABDC show to watch my friends, and i believe wed i have a meeting with korean artist se7en. i very excited about that and i cannot wait to see what we can get going. anyway, i'll update on that later!! peace

shaun evaristo 


  1. hope in february you'll give a workshop
    this time when we heard you're comin we wanted to drive to berlin in the last minute but than we heard its just' for the D!'s people ^^

    p.s. dope blog ^^

  2. yo hit me up on myspace or blog with your preferences on itinerary.