Sunday, January 18, 2009

back in berlin

hotel one. eating breakfast on my way to teach. important meal of the day, but right now my body is sooo fucked up from the travel. basically im eating breakfast for which would be a midnight snack in LA.  
going backwards in time, and straight from the plane i went to a dinner/club party they had for the company. was dope, dancing at the top of the building with a view that i was trippen out on.
its like a free for all, each table had one and i just went in. yea and drink were free all night. dude....thats like me drinking in the morning. so let me back track, flew from La straight to this party once i landed. time in LA was like 10am. wtf! 
this is the nice bed i got to sleep in. like the color. ha
and back to the beginning, taking van nuys fly away to the airport with my head chillin on the window. cheeya.

one day in LA, next day in berlin. crazy how in a matter of hours my whole world changes. i gonna have fun while im out here, but i do miss my home everytime i leave. but this is work so i gotta do it.....might as well have fun while doing it. thats it i gotta go, but i hope you enjoyed readin this bitch. peace from all the way on the other side of the world. 


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  1. yay welcome to the blog life, shaunski! i hope you're able to update on a semi-regular basis...our friendship is too rare these days, so it'll be a good way for me to still keep a little up to date on you. missing ya.