Sunday, January 18, 2009

vapiano son!!

so its like 530am for me but 830pm for you, ha anyway i taught earlier today which was pretty coo. 2 back to back class 2hours each. tired. ha well, after i got to go to my favorite place to eat in berlin. you know whats funny tho, its kinda considered a fast food restaurant to people here. i think its the shit! if you ever come here go to vapiano...shit is crackin. i ordered fusili pasta, with red sauce, with chicken, basil, olives, mushrooms. yea, was hella good. i plan on going back tomorrow. anyway, along the way i got to see the berlin tower. been here many times but never really this close. i think i might go up next time i come back.
this is outside, i was so excited. its like very clean and modern inside. you have this card they give you and they put all you purchases on it, and then you pay at the end. was gross tho, they had a bowl of gummy bears chillin on the counter...was tempting but you never know what dirty hands have touch that shit. lol
this is julie denise. my good friend, and from what i hear she kinda famous out here. lol she's a dancer and shes dope too. i believe this year she coming out as an artist, think singing was her first passion anyway. hey when she comes out, oh man you already know im be workin with her for choreography. btw.....thats my food at the bottom. yea i know right! looks good.

i was watching him cook the whole time....we wait for them to make it in front of us. dude, i watch food network all the time, so i def was trying  to pick up stuff form this guy. maybe ima be dancer turned into master chef. ha 

a little late but this was the view from the club/bar the other night. the walls were all windows and its was really cool to just peep the view. 
i wish i could bring people with me to see these things, but i guess this is my way for sharing the experience with you. im sure any moment the sun is gonna start peeking thru the lobby ima head back into my cave.  peace ya'll....

shaun evaristo

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  1. biiig thanngs shaun. & welcome to the blogworld. & trust it gets addicting. we miss you out here in vegas. come back soon! =]

    - daffi