Thursday, January 15, 2009

testing how this blog thing works some more

took this when i went out with aims, dmoe, and his friend. theres this dope ass cafe in studio city called aroma cafe, its pretty crackin. the food is good, the ambiance is like a party outside, theres a place where you can read and they've got heaters where you sit. its one of those places you gotta hear about and then go to. i suggest hitting me up first and then i'll take you. ha well on our way out, there was a random store filled with random shit and i found this rock chillin and it had "what are you waiting for on it." i thought it was dope because its kinda an oxymoron. so ended up putting it on my default for my phone and i wake up with that question. just a lil motivation for the day feel me. 

this is my new baby. haha yea i gotta pretty sweet deal and i love the car. was gonna go for a vw gti but this happen to catch my eye. wasn't expecting it either but hey now im the 5th cousin in my family to own a mini. its like italian job and shit. gotta admit tho, its hella fun! now gotta convince aims to get one. let me know if you're interested too...i ended up going to so many dealerships that i have a lot more experience on the lot now. 

i think this speaks for itself. sam flores canvas painting in downtown sf. this was at cjs going away party and as i was slightly drunk walking out the bar, i happened to look up and see this. except my version a little more blurry lol, good thing i took a picture! 

hopefully i'll be keeping this updated. im out, peace.

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